CIB: Accreditations & Professional Bodies

The Association of British Investigators

The Association of British Investigators (ABI) is the longest established organisation representing professional Private Investigators in the UK with its foundations laid way back in 1913.

With the absence of any statutory control of the investigation industry in the UK the ABI recognised the need for self-regulation many years ago and set very high standards to meet the criteria for membership opting for quality rather than quantity.

Members are admitted only after stringent vetting. Members must conduct their business in a professional manner and by complying with a strict code of ethics with disciplinary procedures in place to monitor any transgressions.

All members of the ABI have to produce Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) disclosures to ensure that they are proper and fit persons for admittance to the Association. In addition they must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and be Data Protection Registered.

The ABI is proud of the part it has played over many years in encouraging the regulation of our industry and today the association is playing an even greater role in working with the SIA to achieve a fair and workable licensing procedure.

The Institute of Professional Investigators

For over 30 years, the Institute of Professional Investigators has sought to encourage and promote its members to achieve and maintain a high standard of professionalism whilst engaged in their investigative activities.

The I.P.I. is an organization which was created to assist, regulate or control those engaged in investigation. It aims to assist its members to improve their academic and business knowledge in investigation by provision of categories of participation based upon an approved examination structure. It provides a system of regulation of the conduct of participants to ensure that they operate within such principles and Code of Ethics as the Institute may prescribe.

The Institute regularly engages with and promotes the interests of its members to Government Agencies and Professional Associations. The Institute also co-operates with other investigative organisations in encouraging continuing professional development.

It promotes the recognition of professional investigation as a profession by government, law and the public. Members are required to adhere to the Institute's code of ethics.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

The Association of Certified Fraud Specialists, Inc. is an educational, non-profit corporation. The Association was formed for the purposes of Fostering, a national forum and governing body for the affiliation of professionals who offer to the public, governments and employers their expertise in the areas of fraud prevention, fraud detection and fraud investigation.

The UK Professional Investigators Network

The UKPIN is a highly organised network of professional private investigators, private detectives, enquiry agents, process servers and specialist investigative experts located throughout the United Kingdom UK, England Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland - Eire.

Within the membership of the UKPIN, professional experts can be found with a vast range of specialist knowledge covering every aspect of investigation to provide a solution to any investigation requirement.

We provide our clients with a 'one stop' solution for all their investigative needs.

By nature of our profession we are often privy to private or sensitive information, and accordingly we will always treat such information with absolute confidentiality and discretion. We are Data Protection Registered and carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Investigation Services:

» Surveillance
» Process Serving
» Tracing
» Insurance Investigation
» Status & Financial Reports
» Matrimonial Enquiries
» Specialist Security Services