CIB: Insurance Investigation

The Central Investigation Bureau acts on behalf of many leading insurance companies, and their agents, with a mandate to investigate suspicious and potentially fraudulent claims.

We specialise in this field of investigation and have developed specific strategies and techniques to help establish if a claim is genuine, blatantly fraudulent, or has been exaggerated by the claimant for financial gain.

We cover all aspects of insurance investigation including the following:

  • Sickness and Personal Injury
  • Unemployment
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Contrived Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents

We have an experienced team of investigators who work nationally and internationally on behalf of our clients, whether by discreet enquiries, cognitive interviewing to identify, verify and establish facts, or by the use of covert surveillance to observe a claimant's lifestyle or level of disability (See Surveillance).

On conclusion of an investigation we will prepare and submit professional and detailed reports supporting our findings together with witness statements, video footage, photographs, and locus plans, according to the requirements of the assignment. We are happy to support our clients in litigation and our operatives can appear in court to support any evidence submitted.

We have saved our clients substantial payouts over the years, and have an exceptional success rate. We often succeed where others have failed due to our extensive experience and investment in the latest technology and training.

Contrived Accidents Insurance Claims
Our experience enables us to identify, plan and execute the most complex and difficult investigations.

We always seek to provide our clients with the most effective and economical solution to their problems, and handle all cases with the required due diligence.

Investigation Services:

» Surveillance
» Process Serving
» Tracing
» Insurance Investigation
» Status & Financial Reports
» Matrimonial Enquiries
» Specialist Security Services