CIB: Process Serving

An important and often crucial element of litigation is the effective personal delivery of Court documentation or associated correspondence to a named individual or organisation.

At the Central Investigation Bureau we are very experienced and well versed in the legal requirements for serving Court Process, and provide our clients with confidence that all reasonable efforts will be made to effect service in good time for any forthcoming hearing.

Our agents are professional, reliable and trustworthy and have many years experience. They will act with empathy and sensitivity when required, however they are also familiar with the ruses employed by some Respondents and Defendants to avoid being served, and in those cases they will act with suitable determination and dogged persistence to achieve the desired result.

With your permission and wherever possible we will ordinarily contact your client prior to any attempts at service being made, so that we are forearmed with as much information as possible in order to expedite the service as quickly and economically as possible. Where this is impractical or if preferred, we provide our clients with an 'Instruction Pro-Forma', which can be used to obtain required information directly at the point of interview or contact with your client, and helps to ensure a speedy conclusion to the matter.

We understand the need for urgency in many cases, and where appropriate we can collect documentation directly from the Court or your offices, normally at very short notice, and we will take all reasonable steps within our powers to ensure that the documentation is served at the very earliest opportunity.

Once service has been effected we will report our findings in detail and prepare a professional quality Statement, Certificate or Affidavit of Service in accordance with current legislation.

We have a network of experienced agents throughout the UK and overseas, and can arrange for the service or delivery of documentation in accordance with your instructions.

We now offer 'Fixed fee Process Serving' which has been introduced to help our clients budget and obtain the appropriate funding when necessary.

We will always treat private or sensitive information with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Our clients can be assured that in instructing us to conduct work on their behalf, that we are fully accountable and both legally and ethically compliant.

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