CIB: Status & Financial Reports

Before instigating a claim or recovering a debt, particular where the sum being sought is considerable, it is often necessary to identify whether the defendant has the required assets to satisfy the claim.

A Status Report assists our clients in determining vital information about an individual or organisation to make an informed decision before incurring further costs.

Utilising a combination of skills and technology we can ascertain the true financial circumstances of the debtor and report in confidence on their relative worth.

We can also provide an informed and independent opinion regarding the debtor's ability to pay any debt.

When required we can also approach the debtor and interview them and ascertain their willingness to repay the debt or claim, often avoiding expensive and time consuming litigation.

Property Repossession

We can act on behalf of our agents to recover their property or possessions, whether a house, car or other item of importance or value to our clients. We are not debt collectors, but have skills built on years of experience that can benefit our clients.

We recognise the need for diplomacy and discretion in these cases, and our experienced agents have all the required qualities, therefore minimizing the potential risk for conflict. Our agents receive extensive training in conflict management techniques and remain objective and professional whatever the provocation.

Our clients include Financial Organisations, and Government bodies, and we have an exceptionally high success rate.

We always seek to provide our clients with the most effective and economical solution.

Our experience enables us to identify, plan and execute the most complex and difficult investigations, to bring an assignment to a successful conclusion. We always seek to provide our clients with the most effective and economical solution to their problems, and handle all cases with the required due diligence.

Investigation Services:

» Surveillance
» Process Serving
» Tracing
» Insurance Investigation
» Status & Financial Reports
» Matrimonial Enquiries
» Specialist Security Services